Definition of complete angle explained

Learn and know the definition of complete angle in geometry. From the word “complete” one can understand actually what is complete angle means.

Definition of complete angle explained

We know that in math we have different types of angles; in these complete angle is also one of them and among all it has easiest definition. Now we will learn how to say the definition of complete angle and some real life examples where we get the complete angle.

What is the definition of complete angle?

The definition of complete angle is given as “an angle is said as a complete angle if its measure is exactly { 360 }^{ 0 } ”.


Do you know how many right angles and how many straight angles is equals to one complete angle.

Four right angles are equal to one complete angle.

Two straight angles are equal to one complete angle.

Examples of complete angle in real life:

There are some lots of real life examples for explaining what is complete angle. In that some examples i listed below, go through that and understand what does complete angle means.

  • Daily we will observe different types of vehicles on the road like two wheelers, four wheelers, three wheelers and so on. All these vehicles will have wheels. Any time have you thought that if a wheel rotates one complete rotation then how much angle it makes? “it makes one complete angle (360 degrees)”.
  • In a wall clock, there will be minute’s hand, seconds hand and hour’s hand. Any of these if they completes one complete rotation then we can say it forms a complete angle.
  • In a circle, if the radius rotates and comes to its same position again then we say that it completed one complete rotation. It means that it rotated { 360 }^{ 0 } .

Hope that you have understood complete angle definition and the real life examples of it.

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