Decimal numbers multiplication explained with examples

Learn and know how to do the decimal numbers multiplication. Generally, there is no difficulty in multiplying any type of numbers except the decimal numbers. Directly we can’t multiply the decimal numbers there is process to do it, we should know that.

Decimal numbers multiplication explained

Hope that you know what are the decimal numbers. In simple way if you want to define the decimal numbers, we say “numbers with a decimal point are called as decimal numbers”. The meaning of the word decimal point is “one small dot’. For example, 2.3, 8.3692, 14.78412, 2365.021452 and so on. Now we will learn the process and steps for the decimal numbers multiplication.

Follow the below steps for multiplication of decimal numbers:

Step 1: multiply the decimal numbers without any decimal point. That means you have to multiply only the numbers.

Step 2: check totally how many decimal places are in both the decimal numbers.

Step 3: in the step 1 result put the decimal point after some number of decimal places that you got in step2.

Examples 1:

3.25 and 2.8 are the two decimal numbers. Now we need to multiply these both decimal numbers.

Step 1:

325 × 28 = 9100

Step 2:

In the first decimal number i.e. 3.25, we have two decimal places and in the second decimal number i.e. 2.8, we have one decimal place. So totally we have 3 decimal places.

Step 3:

In the step 1 result i.e. 9100, after 3 decimal places from right to left side put the decimal point.

Now the product of 3.25 and 2.8 is 9.100, it is also written as 9.1 because 0’s doesn’t have any value køb cialis.

Example 2:

15.214 and 7.69 are the two decimal numbers. Find the product.

Step 1:

15214 × 729 = 11699566

Step 2:

In both the decimal numbers, totally we have 5 decimal places.

Step 3:

In step 1 result i.e. 11699566, put the decimal point after 5 decimal places from right to left side.

So therefore, the product of 15.214 and 7.69 is 116.99566.

Hope the above steps given for decimal numbers multiplication is clear.

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