Corresponding angles explained with definition

Learn and know about the corresponding angles. First, we will revise about an angle? The union of two rays with same initial point is called an angle.

Corresponding angles

We studied angles and types of angles. Even though we studied types of angles we may not be observed corresponding angles. Generally, we will about this in parallel lines and transversal concept only. So let’s begin learning corresponding angles and its definition.

Explanation of corresponding angles with an example:

Let us consider two parallel lines and a transversal.

Corresponding angles

If you observe the diagram we can say that the transversal is making eight angles with the parallel lines. In that eight angles only we have corresponding angles, so now we will what are that angles by definition.

Corresponding angles definition can be given as “the angles which are lying on the same side of transversal and also which are either above or below transversal.

Based on the definition,

∠1 and  ∠5

∠4 and ∠8

∠2 and  ∠6

∠3 and  ∠7

So totally we have four pairs of corresponding angles. All these four very easy to remember.


We need to remember that whenever corresponding angles are equal then the two lines will be parallel lines otherwise they are not parallel lines and vice versa. This is an important point which helps in solving so many problems. In geometrical proofs also we may require to use this concept.

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