Convex polygon explained

Learn what is the meaning and definition of convex polygon. We should know that convex polygon is one of the types of polygons.

Convex polygon explained

Earlier we studied about polygons and we know what polygons are. Now coming to the word convex .Have you ever tried to know the meaning of convex? Convex means that a shape which is rounded outwards.

Definition of convex polygon:

Suppose in any given polygon if all the interior angles are less than 180° then we call that polygon as a convex polygon.


Observe the below polygons, in all polygons the interior angles are less than 180° only. So these polygons we can call as convex polygons.

Convex polygon explained

If you want to identify a polygon whether it is convex or not then just check all interior angles. If you find all angles are less than 180° then definitely they are convex otherwise not.


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