Congruent meaning in math explained

Learn and know what is the congruent meaning in mathematics. We will be hearing the word congruent in geometry. So now we will learn the meaning of congruent.

Congruent meaning in math

Let us take two circles which have equal radius, let radius be 17 cm for the two circles. Now if we place two circles one upon the other, the two circles will be exactly coinciding. So we say that the two circles are congruent circles. Do you know on what basis we are saying the two circles as congruent? To understand this we should know the congruent meaning.

Congruent meaning as follows:

Any polygons which has same shape and also same size are called as congruent polygons. For example, if we consider any two triangles and if the two triangles have same shape and same size then we call them as congruent triangles.

Hope everyone understood congruent meaning.

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