Concurrent lines definition explained

Learn and know what is the meaning and definition of concurrent lines in geometry. We know that geometry is one of the important branches in mathematics. In this we are going to study about different kinds of shapes. In fact geometry starts with the definitions like point, line, line segment, angle, ray, types of angles, types of lines and so on.

Concurrent lines definition explained

Knowing all the definitions and meanings which I mentioned in the above sentence is very important in geometry. Geometry is a vast concept in math, if you want to learn the further concepts clearly the basics you should know very well. Now we will discuss about lines and in that we will learn what are concurrent lines and definition of concurrent lines.

What are lines in math?

We all know what is a point? See if all the points in a plane if we join in a particular order and which is extending in both the directions (right and left) then we say that it is a line (singular )or lines (plural).

We also say that if a line segment is extended continuously in the both the directions then we say it as a line.

Definition of concurrent lines

About line we have discussed so far. So now we will discuss what is the meaning of concurrent lines and we will see how to give the definition of concurrent lines.

Suppose through any one point, if 3 or more lines are passing then we say that lines as concurrent lines. If they are not passing they are called as non concurrent lines. In this way we can give the simple definition for concurrent lines.

Concurrent lines definition explained

Are intersecting lines and concurrent lines are different?

Now we have a common doubt that intersecting lines and concurrent lines are same or different. In intersecting lines there will be two lines and in concurrent lines 3 or more will be there. If two lines intersecting we call it as intersecting lines and if 3 or more lines are meeting at a point then it is called as concurrent lines. Just go through the definitions of concurrent lines and intersecting lines you can understand the difference. N both of these the main difference will be number of lines.   

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