Breadth meaning in math explained

Learn and know breadth meaning in mathematics. The words length, breadth and height these are the common words we get in geometry. These are the dimensions of some figures. The unit of these three words will be in mm or cm or m or km and so on.

Breadth meaning in math explained

While studying about rectangle, we will come to know that it has length and breadth. In some other figures also we observe breadth, for example in cuboid, cube and parallelogram and so on we observe breadth. Now can you say what is the meaning of breadth? Can you define it? Just go through the below given definition, you can know the breadth meaning.

Breadth meaning as follows:

The word breadth can be defined as “the distance between one side of any figure to the another side of the figure is called as the breadth”. Did you get the breadth meaning after reading the definition? One important note; Sometimes breadth is also called as width. We generally denote the width with the symbol “W”.


When we compare length and breadth, breadth will be always less in size or equal to the length size.

For example, if two different sizes are given like one is 9 cm and next one is 12 cm. Then which one represents breadth? Definitely we should consider 9 cm as breadth.

If KL = 7 cm and LN = 7 cm. Now which is breadth? As two sides are equal so we cannot say exactly which is breadth. If KL is breadth then LN will be length and suppose KL is length then LN should be breadth.

Hope now you know how to say the definition of a breadth.

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