BODMAS Rule in maths explained with example

Learn and know about what is the BODMAS rule in maths. BODMAS rule plays an important role in calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We can say that without this BODMAS rule there is no mathematics, such an importance it has.

BODMAS Rule in maths explained with example

BODMAS rule tells us that in calculations which operation we have to do first i.e. addition or subtraction or multiplication or division. As we like we cannot carry out the operations. So you should know the BODMAS rule so that you can carry out operations correctly to find correct answer.

Do you know how to apply BODMAS rule in maths?

First we will know the abbreviation of BODMAS. In the word BODMAS, B-stands for the Bracket, O-stands for the of, D-stands for the Division, M-stands for the multiplication, A-stands for the Addition and S-stands for the Subtraction. According to BODMAS rule, for any calculation first we need to solve Brackets which means inside bracket whatever is there that we have to solve first. Then do Of that means multiplication if exists. After that do Division then carry out Multiplication, after that do Addition then finally do Subtraction.


Solve: 8 + (6-4) – 10 ÷ 2 x 9


first solve the brackets, so we get 8 + 2 – 10 ÷ 2 x 9

Now do division, we get 8 + 2 – 5 x 9

Then do multiplication, we get 8 + 2 – 45

After that do addition, we get 10 – 45

Finally the answer is – 35.

Hope you understood how to apply BODMAS rule in maths while solving any problems.

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