Arithmetic progression definition explained with example

Learn and know the arithmetic progression definition. An Arithmetic progression is one of the important concepts in almost all types of exams. That may be CBSE board exams, State board exams or any competitive exams definitely there will be questions on A.P.

Arithmetic progression definition

We know that there are totally four types of progressions. They are an arithmetic progression (A.P), Geometric progression (G.P), Harmonic progression (H.P) and Arithmetic Geometric progression (A.G.P). In all these progressions the first one is arithmetic progression. So we will learn now, the definition of arithmetic progression and we will see the examples of A.P.

Arithmetic progression definition as follows:

If in a given sequence, the each term differs from its preceding term by a fixed number i.e. constant then we say the given sequence as arithmetic progression. In short form, it is written as A.P

The Second definition for arithmetic progression:

Sequence in which a term is obtained by adding a constant term to the previous term except first term then the sequence is called arithmetic progression.

Still, we can say the arithmetic progression definition in so many ways. But finally, the meaning of any type of definition will be the same.


The sequence 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, 31, 35,…………… in the Arithmetic progression(A.P)

Observe the above given sequence, the difference between the term and to the previous term is always constant i.e.4 so the sequence is in A.P.

Hope that everyone understood arithmetic progression definition.

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