Area of a sector formula explained

Learn and know what is the area of a sector formula in geometry. Related to circle, learning this formula is very important. In higher class also while we are doing problems on circles sometimes knowing this formula is very helpful.

Area of a sector formula

Do you know in which diagram we can observe the sector? We can observe the sector in circle. Hope that you know what is a sector. Like diameter, chord and radius, Sector is also a part of circle. All of us know the formula to find area of circle, so now will learn the formula for area of a sector. Remember area of sector and length of an arc of a sector both formulas looks like similar, but we can observe a little change in that you can find very easily.

Area of a sector formula as follows:

Let “x” be the angle in degrees, which is included between two radii and arc of a sector and “r” be the radius then the formula for finding area of a sector is given as \frac { x }{ { 360 }^{ 0 } } × π { r }^{ 2 }

Hope that now you have learnt area of a sector formula.

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