Altitude of a triangle explained

Learn and know what is altitude of a triangle in mathematics. In triangles, altitude is one of the important concepts and it is basic thing that we have to know.

Altitude of a triangle explained

Really is there any need of knowing about altitude of a triangle. Definitely we have learn about altitude because related to triangle, we have a word called orthocentre. Basically, orthocentre is defined with the help of altitudes only. Below go through definition of altitude and remaining part you can understand how it (altitude) is helpful. Now at present we will know what is altitude means? Then we will learn how to define altitude of triangle.

What is altitude meaning?

The meaning of altitude is “height”. From this we say that the other name of altitude is height. Now we came to know the meaning of altitude. So we will see what is meaning of altitude of a triangle in detail.

Definition of altitude of a triangle as follows:

We have known what is altitude? So now we will know about what is altitude of a triangle and how to get it. Let us consider a triangle; in triangle we know that there will be 3 vertices. So through any vertex draw a line segment to the opposite side such that angle between them should be right angle. The line which has drawn is called as an altitude of a triangle. So this is the definition of altitude of a triangle. Below i have given a diagram clearly showing how to draw the altitude for a triangle.

Altitude of a triangle explained

Totally, we can draw 3 altitudes for a triangle. After drawing 3 altitudes, we observe that all the 3 altitudes will be meeting at one point. The point where all the 3 altitudes meeting is called as point of intersection of altitudes. The point of intersection (i.e. all three medians meeting point) of altitudes is called as an orthocentre, observe above diagram for an idea.

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