Algebraic expression definition explained with an example

Learn and know what is mean by algebraic expression in mathematics in the algebra chapter. I hope that you are aware of what is an expression? Then knowing what is algebraic expression? Is a simple thing to us?

Algebraic expression definition explained with an example

We know that in Algebra, we make use of only two things. They are variables and constants. The total chapter of algebra is based on only these two things. So, algebraic expression also consists of only variables and constants. Now we will learn how to define algebraic expression and see the examples given below for easy understanding of the concept.

The definition or meaning of algebraic expression as follows:

We know that in algebra we have terms. Term means, which may be a constant or variable or combination of these both. So, algebraic expression can be defined as “if the terms are separated by multiplication, addition, subtraction and division then it is called as an algebraic expression”.


6y-7 is an algebraic expression consisting two terms.

3a + 5b -9c is also called as an algebraic expression consisting three terms.

8x+7, 10y-23x+8, 47-12x+39y, and so on all these are examples of algebraic expressions.

Can we add these? Yes we can add these expressions if they have like terms. For example, 4x-2y and 8y+5x be the two algebraic expressions. Now in these two expressions we need to add like terms first i.e. 4x and 5x, we get 9x. Then add -2y and 8y, we get 6y. Finally the result we get after adding 4x-2y and 8y+5x is 9x+6y.

What about unlike terms? 6x and 7y be the two expressions. These two expressions are unlike terms. So if we add we get 6x+7y as a result.

We can apply all the four fundamental operations on these algebraic expressions.

Can you tell is there any difference between these two words i.e. equation and expression? After expression if there is an equal to sign then it is a equation.

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