Acute angled triangle explained in detail

Learn everything about what is an acute angled triangle like the definition, perimeter, area, properties and the number of altitudes and medians in it.

Acute angled triangle explained in detail

This topic we should start learning from what is a triangle? Hope you have an idea about that. Now in triangles, we have types of triangles. The triangles are mainly classified as two types. One is based on angles and another is based on sides. Acute angled triangle comes under classification of triangles based on angles. As it is based on angles so you should know types of angles also. Now we will learn one by one detail about it clearly.

Definition of Acute angled triangle:

Acute angled triangle definition is given as “in a triangle suppose if all the three angles are acute (acute means the angles which are less than { 90 }^{ 0 } ) that triangle we say as Acute angled triangle”.


Observe the above triangle; all the three angles i.e. angle P, angle Q and angle R are less than { 90 }^{ 0 } . So the triangle we call as Acute angled triangle.

Perimeter of Acute angled triangle:

In the above triangle PQR, we have three sides i.e. PQ, QR and RP. These three sides if we add we get the perimeter of triangle PQR.

So, the perimeter of triangle PQR = PQ + QR + RP units.

Area of Acute angled triangle

The general formula we can use for finding the area of PQR triangle. So the area of triangle PQR = \frac { base\times height }{ 2 } . In the triangle PQR, the base is QR and PA is the height.

Acute triangle properties

It has three angles; all the three angles will be less than { 90 }^{ 0 } .

There are 3 sides; all sides will be having different measurements.

Sum of the 2 sides of Δ, is greater than the third side of the Δ.

It has totally 3 vertices.

Number of medians and altitudes for a Acute angled triangle:

What is an altitude of a triangle? And what is the meaning of median of triangle? These two meanings first you should know. In general, altitude means “height” and median means “a line segment from any vertex to the opposite side mid point”. Now we will see how many medians and how many altitudes for acute triangle? There will be three altitudes and three medians for this triangle.

Hope that I have given the complete details about acute angled triangle.

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