Abscissa meaning in math explained

Learn and know abscissa meaning in mathematics. Generally, we find the term abscissa in coordinate geometry chapter. If you have studied coordinate geometry you would have known what abscissa is called.

Abscissa meaning in math explained

Before knowing what is abscissa? We should know what is the actual meaning of coordinate system? In a plane, if we draw the two perpendicular lines, horizontal line is called as x-axis and the vertical line is called y-axis. To represent a point in coordinate system we need two coordinates i.e. x-coordinate and y-coordinate. Sometimes we call x-coordinate and y-coordinate with some other names. X-coordinate we call as abscissa and y-coordinate as ordinate.   

Abscissa meaning as follows:

The meaning of abscissa is it is the other name of x- coordinate. So x-coordinate is also called as abscissa.


In the ordered pair (3, 8) 3 is called as x-coordinate or abscissa and 8 is called as y-coordinate or ordinate.

I hope the meaning of abscissa is clear.

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