What is an identity? Explained

Learn and know what is an identity? In math. Everything about identity we will discuss like what is an algebraic identity? Identity examples and finally we will see how to recognize an identity.

What is an identity? Explained

In lower classes we will identities in algebra chapter and in higher classes also we get identities. In trigonometry chapter, we have one topic on identities called trigonometric identities. Every where the meaning of identity is same. Trigonometric identities are one of the important concepts in class 10 mathematics. If you want to understand all these concepts which are based identities. First we should know what is an identity? We will discuss what is an identity? and the examples based on algebra.

What is an algebraic identity?

In algebra, we all know that we have so many important formulas. In all the formulas, take any one formula and if for any value of the variables the formula gives L.H.S and R.H.S equal value then it is called as an algebraic identity.

Some algebraic Identity examples

The list of some identities is

a plus b whole cube,

a cube plus b cube,

a square minus b square,

a plus b plus c whole square, are the some identities we get in algebra. Still we have some important formulas that we should learn without missing any formula.

How to recognize an identity in math

Recognizing what is an identity in math is very easy and also it involves a simple process. In total mathematics, we may be observing so many formulas. The formulas in which the L.H.S value and R.H.S value are same, I mean if their values are equal then definitely they are identities. So in this way you can recognize which formulas are identity and which is not identity.

Hope I have given detailed information about what is an identity?

The main Difference between an equation and identity as follows:

In equation we get L.H.S and R.H.S equal values for only certain values of variable only. But in identity for any values of the variable, always we get L.H.S and R.H.S equal values.

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