Volume of cuboid formula

Learn the volume of cuboid formula, in mensuration chapter this is the one of the important formula. Do you know the meaning of volume? Yes its meaning is the amount of space that a particular object occupies. For calculating this we have the formula so learn it.

Volume of cuboid formula

In mathematics we have 2D shapes and 3D shapes. 2D means that the diagram will have only two measurements i.e. length and breadth/width. 3D means that the diagrams will have three measurements i.e. length, breadth/width and height. Cuboid comes under 3D shape because it has three measurements. Now we will learn how we can find the volume for a cuboid that means we should learn volume of cuboid formula.

Below you can find the volume of cuboid formula:

Let us consider the cuboid which has length (L), breadth (B) and height (H).

Volume of cuboid formula

The volume of cuboid is the product of length, breadth and height. So the volume of cuboid formula is given as L × B × H


For a cuboid the Length, breadth and height is given as 5 m, 7 m and 2 m respectively then find the volume of cuboid.



            Length = 5 m

            Breadth = 7 m

            Height = 2 m

From the given data we can find easily the volume of cuboid by the formula.

V = L × B × H

    = 5 × 7 × 2

    = 70 { m }^{ 3 }

Therefore, volume of cuboid = 70 { m }^{ 3 }

Breadth and height of the cuboid are 10 cm and 15 cm and also volume is given as 450 { cm }^{ 3 } then find its length.



          Breadth = 10 cm

          Height = 15 cm

          Volume = 450 { cm }^{ 3 }

Based on volume of cuboid formula,

450 = L × 10 × 15

450 = L × 150

  \frac { 450 }{ 150 } = L

    3 = L

Therefore, length of the cuboid = 3 cm.

I hope it is easy to remember volume of cuboid formula.

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