Square root definition

In mathematics square, square root and cube, cube roots are very important concepts. Hope you know what is square and its definition. Now we will know square root definition.

Square root definition explained

Basically, it is necessary for students to learn squares and cubes up to 30. Learning these will help you in understanding square roots also. We know everybody knows how to find a square root of a number, but square root definition no one knows except some. So let us know how to define a square root.

Square root definition as follows:

If a number “x” is written as a product of y × y then “y” is called square root of x.


Let us take the number 121. As 121 is written as 11 × 11 so 11 is called square root of 121.

One more number 529. 529 can be written as 23 × 23. So square root of 529 is 23.

Hope square root definition is simple and clear.

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