Scalene triangle definition explained with an example

Learn and know the best scalene triangle definition in geometry. Actually, scalene triangle comes under the classification of triangles.

Scalene triangle definition explained with an example

In mid school mathematics, we will learn this triangles and types of triangles concept. In triangle, we have a total of six triangles. The six triangles names are scalene triangle, isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, right angled triangle, acute angled triangle and obtuse angled triangle. All this 6 triangles have their unique properties. Now we will learn what is mean by scalene triangle i.e we will learn the definition of scalene triangle.

Scalene triangle definition as follows:

The definition for the scalene triangle is given as “Suppose if a triangle has three unequal sides (not equal) then that triangle we are going to call as a scalene triangle”.

We can also give the definition of scalene triangle as “a triangle whose three sides are of different measurements/lengths is called as the scalene triangle”.


In scalene triangle, not only all the sides are different but the three angles are also different. So from this we can also decide that the given triangle is a scalene triangle or not by observing the angles.


*Let us consider the three sides of triangle as 8cm, 4cm and 6cm. As all the three sides are of different measurements so it is called as a scalene triangle.

*9cm, 5cm and 9cm be the three sides of a triangle. Now can we say this triangle as scalene triangle? No, this triangle is not a scalene triangle because two of its sides are having equal measurements. Then what kind of triangle is it? As two sides are having equal measurement, so we call it as an isosceles triangle.

*A triangle with measurements 15cm, 17cm and 12cm is a scalene triangle? No doubt this triangle is a scalene triangle as all the 3 sides are of different measurements.

Hope scalene triangle definition is clear to you.

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