Right angle definition in math explained

Learn and know what is the right angle definition in geometry. Actually, we will be learning this under types of angles, in the grades 6 or 7.

Right angle definition in math explained

We know that any particular angle will have a name for that. For example, 60 degrees is called as an acute angle and 153 degrees is called as an obtuse angle and so on. In this manner which or what angle represents the right angle and definition of right angle, we will learn now.

The right angle definition in geometry as follows:

In math the definition of right angle is given as “an angle which is exactly equals to 90 degrees is called as right angle”. By learning this definition we can easily say or define what is a right angled triangle?  


The Sum of 4 right angles forms one complete angle i.e. 360 degrees.

The Sum of two right angles forms a straight angle i.e. 180 degrees (supplementary).

Some real life examples of right angle:

In this universe, there are so many things which shows 90 degrees angle. In that some, I have listed below. Go through all the examples and understand meaning of right angle clearly without keeping any doubts in the mind.

  • The adjacent edges of the door or window or blackboard or book or note will have 90 degrees angle.
  • In the alphabets, the letters (capital) L and T shows 90 degrees angle.
  • Walls we can show as an example of right angle because the angle between walls and ground (floor) will be always 90 degrees.
  • In geometry for drawing in the constructions chapter we will use some instruments like ruler, set squares and protractor. Here set squares are examples of right angle.

I hope, now you have learnt what is mean by right angle and the exact definition of right angle.

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