Regular pentagon meaning explained

Learn and know what is a regular pentagon? Also know the main difference between pentagon and regular pentagon.

Regular pentagon meaning explained

In geometry, we will get one topic called “polygons”. In polygons we get pentagon. First we will know what is a polygon? Afterwards we will know pentagon and then regular pentagon meanings. The Polygon meaning goes like this “any kind of a closed figure which is made up of some line segments”. At least we need 3 line segments to get a closed figure and the figure so obtained is called as a triangle.  

What is a pentagon?

Pentagon is explained as “a polygon made up of 5 line segments is called as a pentagon”. Pentagon has totally 5 angles and 5 sides and its has 5 diagonals. For finding the number of diagonals for a polygon we have a formula i.e. \frac { n\left( n-3 \right) }{ 2 } , where “n” means number of sides of a polygon.


Generally, students will think that pentagon shape is exactly like a house but it is not like that. Anything which is a closed figure and which has 5 line segments will be a pentagon.

What is regular pentagon?

We know what is a pentagon? Then what is mean by regular pentagon. It means if a pentagon has all the sides equal and also all the five angles are equal then the pentagon is called as a regular pentagon.

Properties of regular pentagon:

The sum of angles of a regular pentagon is equal to 540 degrees (the formula used here is (n-2) x 180 degrees)

Each interior angle of regular pentagon is equal to 108 degrees (the formula used here is ratio of sum of angles and number of sides of a polygon)

Each exterior angle of regular pentagon is equal to 72 degrees (the formula used here is \frac { 360degrees }{ n } ).

Sum of all the exterior angles of a pentagon is equal to 360 degrees.

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