Quadrilateral definition in math explained

Learn and know what is the quadrilateral definition? In mathematics in geometry. Quadrilaterals have more importance in middle classes in geometry. One entire chapter in geometry will be dedicated to quadrilaterals and its properties. First we have to know how to define a quadrilateral and later we can study more about it like different types of quadrilaterals and their properties. Quadrilateral definition can be known easily. Divide quadrilateral into two parts.

Quadrilateral definition in math explained

In the word “Quadrilateral”, we have two parts i.e. quadric and lateral. The meaning of Quadri is “Four” and the meaning of lateral is “line segments”. By knowing these two words meanings now we can understand what is a quadrilateral and how it will be. Now we will learn how exactly we can define a quadrilateral.

Quadrilateral definition as follows:

Definition of quadrilateral can be given as “A simple closed figure bounded by four line segments is called as a quadrilateral”. Quadrilateral is also defined as “A polygon with four line segments is called as a quadrilateral”. These are the some best and easiest ways to define a quadrilateral.

Quadrilaterals are classified into two types. They are Convex quadrilateral and Concave quadrilateral.


Square, rectangle, parallelogram. Kite, trapezium rhombus all these are quadrilaterals because they are bounded by four line segments. Based on some specific properties they have we say some quadrilaterals as squares, some as rectangles and some as kite and so on.

Hope that the quadrilateral definition what I have given here is simple and it’s easy to understand and remember.

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