Percentage meaning in math explained

Learn and know the actual meaning of percentage in math. There are some situations in our daily life where the word percentage will come across. For example, sometimes if you are a new student to a class. Teachers will ask about your past school and also they ask how much percentage of marks you got last year. Then we say that I got 70 percentage or 86 percentage like that. Up to here it is ok.

Percentage meaning in math explained

But do you know how to calculate percentage and the meaning of percentage. Yes now we will learn about this. First know the meaning then we can know the calculation of percentage. If you are a school going student then just go through all the points given below. So that you can understand very clearly what is a percentage.

The meaning of percentage in math as follows:

Percentage means per hundred. Which means that, if you say I got 65 percentage in last annual exam. The meaning of that is out of 100 marks you got 65 marks. If you say I got 89 percentage then the meaning is you got 89 marks out of 100 marks.

Procedure to calculate the percentage:

Let us think that you have 6 subjects. Now to calculate your percentage, you have to add all the marks in 6 subjects and divide it by total number of subjects i.e. 6. The result you are getting will be the percentage. Here for explaining percentage I took example as subjects but other than subjects anything we can consider. Let us take another example, if you are reading a book and out of 200 pages if you completed reading 150 pages then you have to say that I completed 75 percentage of reading the book. So the meaning of percentage is the same in every field. Remember that percentage meaning in math and percentage meaning in other fields is not different.

Hope that after going though above topic you have understood the percentage meaning in math.

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