Non negative integers explained in detail

Learn and know what are called as non negative integers in math. First time when we heard this, we think that it’s very easy to say what are non negative integers.

Non negative integers explained in detail

In most of the cases, we will not take much attention on this topic because it has a simple answer. But believe it, the number of students saying the answer for what are non negative integers is quite high. So it is better to know and understand clearly about non negative integers.

What are integers and how to define them?

In math, we define integers as “the set of whole numbers (W) including the set of natural numbers are called as the integers”.


-1, 9, 8, -4, -7, 0, 17,…………….all these numbers are integers.

What does non negative integers mean?

In integers, we have non negative integers. Generally, the meaning of non negative is positive. In that case, can we say non negative integers are 1, 2, 3, 4,……………..?

No, 1, 2, 3, 4…………….are not non negative integers. Something is missing here. What is zero (0) sign? Positive or negative. We can’t say exactly. Anything It may be positive or negative. If we want we can consider 0 as positive. So non negative integers starts with 0.

Therefore, the set of non negative integers are {0,1,2,3,4…………}

FAQ’s on non negative integers:

What is the main difference between the positive integers and the non negative integers?

Positive integers are 1, 2, 3,………………… and non negative integers are 0, 1,2,3…………….

Why we need to know about non negative integers?

While solving some problems, in some cases we may need to take non negative integers. So if you don’t know this concept, you can’t take exactly non negative integers.

How many non negative integers are exist totally?

The simple answer is “infinite”. There are infinite number of non negative integers exist.

Can we say non negative integers are also called as whole numbers?

Definitely, we can say. Whole numbers and non negative integers both are same.

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