Multiplication definition in math explained

Learn and know the multiplication definition in mathematics. We all know about multiplication in math. But do we know how to define the word multiplication. Most of us are unaware of what is multiplication meaning. Have you ever tried in knowing the definition of multiplication? If this is the question asked to anyone especially to lower class students then majority of students will say the answer as “NO”. But as a student everyone should know how to define multiplication.

Multiplication definition in math

If there are given two or any number of numbers then we know how to multiply them and find the result. When comes to multiplication definition we are unable to give exact definition. So now we will learn about that. It is a single line definition so very easy to remember.  

Multiplication definition as follows:

The repeated addition is called as multiplication. The multiplication symbol is ×. Now, let me consider one example, 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 15, here we added the number 3 five times and we got the result as 15. The same we will express as 3×5 = 15. So from this we can understand that repeated addition is called multiplication.

Hope now you have understood and learned definition of multiplication.

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