Line segment definition explained

Learn and know the line segment definition in geometry. This is the basic definition in geometry that we should know.

Line segment definition explained

Other than this definition, the basic definitions we should learn in geometry are point, line, ray, and angle. After knowing these definitions only we need to start learning other concepts. Suppose without knowing these definitions if we learn other concepts then it will be difficult to understand. So first learn these definitions. Now we will know the definition of line segment.

Line segment definition in math as follows:

A part of a line is called as line segment. It has two end points and it has a definite length.

Line segment definition explained

Let “m” be a line which is passing through the points P, Q, R and S. In the line m, PQ, PR, PS, QR, QS, RS are called as line segments which has exact lengths. You can observe the representation (symbol) of a line segment in the diagram.

Hope definition of line segment is clear.

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