LCM full form explained

Learn and know what is the LCM full form in mathematics. Generally, in the classes 5 and 6 this concept will be introduced. This is very important concept for the students which makes them to gain a strong foundation in learning and understanding math.

LCM full form explained

We should start learning about LCM from knowing the LCM full form. if you know how to find LCM and if you don’t know what LCM stands for? Then what is the use. So first know full form of LCM, after that we have to know the applications of LCM. That means how and when this LCM is used. And also we have to know in how many ways we can find LCM.

LCM full form as follows:

The full form of LCM is given in two ways. In the LCM

  • L-Least/Lowest
  • C- Common
  • M- Multiple

So the full form of LCM is

Least Common Multiple


Lowest Common Multiple

The above given both abbreviations are correct for LCM.

What is the use of learning LCM:

In mathematics, learning and knowing what is LCM helps in solving some problems. For example, when we are solving fractions, we will make use of LCM concept. If the given fractions are like fractions then then there won’t be any problem. Suppose if the given fractions are unlike fractions then definitely we should make use of LCM concept to solve the fractions. In unlike fractions we will take LCM of denominators and we will solve the fractions. So for this you should know what is the meaning of LCM and the different methods for finding the LCM.

The methods used for finding LCM:

To find the LCM of numbers we have the following methods.

  1. Writing multiples of given numbers
  2. L – Division method
  3. Prime Factorisation method


LCM we can find not only for the numbers for algebraic expressions also we can find.

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