How to Work Smart and Ace Your Maths Examinations

“You should spend at least 2-3 hours per day practising maths” – if you’re a student, you must have had to hear this from your maths teacher at school even if for once! We all did and still do. Tons of homework, countless assignments, several projects, everyday class tests- these are some of the harsh reality students in Singapore have to go through their school lives. Most don’t have the luxury of extracurricular activities or have a social life.

How to Work Smart and Ace Your Maths Examinations

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Would not it have been great if you could keep just one hour or less for maths, yet still maintain your good grades? You would get to spend more quality time with your friends and family and duh-at your age who doesn’t want to lead a balanced life!

The key here is to make your study time more efficient by studying smart. Here’s some life-saving advice for you to help you study smart (and not hard) and stay ahead of your peers in maths. And yes, you can also consider going to popular maths tuition center in Singapore, if you can afford it.

1.Make your own study materials

Especially for maths, you have to remember a lot of formulas than any other subject, which can be no less than a nightmare if you have a weak memory. Instead of parroting the formulas and chanting them, you can play smart and write down each formula in separate flashcards. What to do next? Stick them around your study table or other places in your room where you can see them all the time. Every time you look at them, your brain will grasp the image of the formula again and again, which will help you to recall them faster during tests.

2.Pay more attention to word problems

Word problems are trickier than ordinary numerical maths because it’s easy to screw up while figuring out what precisely the question is asking for. Teachers want to assess the best in you and mark your paper accordingly; that’s why they deliberately keep several word problems in your test paper. Therefore, focus on word problems rather than spending hours on algebras. Read through the lines carefully and underline the keywords that will guide you to do the calculations faster.

3.Link up maths similar subjects

If you’re good at science, then being able to score good grades in maths must not be that hard for you. Physics and maths are co-related. Try to be more sincere in physics. Don’t skip classes, and regularly do your homework and assignments. If possible, consider enrolling in a popular physics tuition center in Singapore. Said that you’ll save time and effort, yet equally perform better in both the subjects. If you feel uncomfortable with tutors, seek additional assistance from your school teacher. Furthermore, you can watch physics tutorials on YouTube and collect extra study resources from the internet.

4.Start studying a few days earlier before giving the test

Never pile up revision works for the night before the exam! Dedicate at least 20-30 minutes daily for revising your previous lessons. This way, it will be much easier for you to progress further with new lessons, and you won’t also forget what you previously studied. When your exams are knocking at the door, start preparing right away. In this way, you won’t have to struggle with anxiety the night before you are giving the test by trying to cram within a few hours!

5.Small etiquettes in class are helpful

Just because we are teaching to you to study smart it doesn’t mean you’ll start skipping the extra math classes t school! The more you’re attentive in the class, the better you’ll familiarize with the questions during the tests. Always participate in the class discussions and don’t feel shy to ask any questions for clarifications. Write down the important notes as the points. Get rid of any possible distractions while you’re inside the class. Paying the attention during the class hours will earn your teacher’s favour, and that’s a smart and easy hack to earn the good grades from your teacher.

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