How to Practice Maths?

Maths is one of the important subjects which need a lot of practice. The thing is that the more you practice it, you will be more confident in solving the problems correctly. Still, there are few things which you should keep in mind while practicing maths.

♦ Read the question Carefully

You should always read the problem sum carefully before solving it. If you miss even a small detail mentioned, you might not be able to prove it. For example, you will not get the proper answer too if you ignore the measurements given in the questions of the topics like Euclidean geometry.

♦ Start with the Basics

Always start practicing with basic mathematical topics before jumping to the main topics. Having your basics clear will be easier to understand the concept better. Basics in mathematics include formulas, in-depth explanation of the topic and steps to solve the particular problem. This way you will be confident in solving the problems easily. Usually, the examples given are the best ones to start practicing with. It provides the step wise method to solve the questions given in the chapters like factorization. Similarly, always start solving from question 1, the question 2 and so on. As the sequence of questions given is in such a way that question 1 is always a little easier than the next one and then the difficulty level increases with each next question.

♦ Solve Previous test and Papers

The above point will make sure that your concepts are clear and you are confident about solving the questions easily. Now you can practice more by solving last year sample papers. You can also practice more using the videos provided by educational apps.

♦ Take regular Break

While studying and focusing on important maths topics, you should take a break in between. Sitting continuously for hours can make you feel exhausted. You should take ten minutes of break after every hour while studying. Don’t include watching TV in your break.

♦ Group studies

Maths is a subject which becomes more interesting if you study it in a group. Solving each problem is a challenge for everyone in the group. Also, you can learn various other tricks to solve a particular problem. You can help each other understand a particular mathematical topic too. Make learning maths more interesting by setting a time and solve a quiz based on what you learned about the topic you are studying in the set time.


Maths is a subject which needs practice. Practicing maths will get a better result if you follow the above-mentioned steps. These tips will help you learn mathematical topics quick and in an interesting way.

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