Definition of trapezium explained

Learn and know the definition of trapezium in geometry. As trapezium is about one particular shape, so basically we will study about this in geometry. We learn about different shapes in math like square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, triangle, kite and so on. All these we say as polygons. Polygon means closed figure which is made up of line segments.

Definition of trapezium explained

In polygons we observe that some are made up of 3 line segments and some are made up of 4 line segments and some are made up of 5 line segments and so on. If a polygon is made up of 4 line segments then it is called as a quadrilateral. Trapezium is one of the quadrilaterals. Every shape in geometry will have their own and unique definition. We should know all those definitions. Now we will learn about trapezium which is also having a definition. Now we will learn definition of trapezium.

How to explain the Definition of trapezium in math?

The definition of trapezium is given as “A quadrilateral is called as a trapezium if one pair of opposite sides is parallel”. Observe the below diagram and understand what is trapezium.

Definition of trapezium explained

The sides PQ and RS are parallel lines of trapezium PQRS. The sides PS and QR are non parallel sides. The distance between two parallel lines is called as height of trapezium. If the sum of parallel sides is multiplied by height and this total result is divided by 2 then we get the area of trapezium.


We know that in triangle, we have isosceles triangle. In the same way, in trapezium also we have isosceles trapezium. The definition of isosceles trapezium is given as “If suppose the non parallel sides of a trapezium are equal then the trapezium we call it as an isosceles trapezium”.

Hope now you have understood trapezium definition.

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