Congruent angles explained with examples

Learn and know what is the meaning of congruent angles in geometry. This topic we will observe rarely in general math books. But this is very easy and important concept in math.

Congruent angles explained with examples

In “congruent angles” we have two words i.e. they are “congruent” and “angles”. If we know these words meanings then we can know what are congruent angles? “Congruent” meaning is that which are “having the same shape and also the same size”. “Angle or angles” meaning is “if two rays have the same initial point then we say that it forms some angle”. Now based on these you will be getting some knowledge on what are congruent angles.

Congruent angles definition as follows:

The definition of congruent angles is given as “any two or more angles we call as congruent angles if they have the same size and also the same shape”.

For example, if angle Q is 65 degrees and if angle M is 65 degrees then we say that these two angles as congruent angles. If angle Y is 40 degrees and angle U is 87 degrees then these two angles are called as non congruent angles because the angles are not having equal measure. Just by observing the measures of given any two angles we can decide whether they are congruent angles or not.

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