Circle definition explained with example

Learn and know the circle definition in geometry. Circle is the basic figure that we will study in geometry chapter. Definition of a circle can be explained in two ways. What are those two ways to define a circle we will know here.

Circle definition

In mathematics, we will be talking about circle and we will be learning its properties. Generally students will be knowing everything about circle. For example they what is radius, what is diameter, what is sector of a circle, what is perimeter of a circle and so on. Even though if you all these and if you don’t know circle definition then how far it is good? Think. Basics we will study in lower classes. In depth about circles we will learn in higher cases. In higher classes we will learn how to write equation of circles in different forms. So circle is not a small topic. So first we need to learn circle definition then only we can understand remaining terms about circle.

Circle definition as follows:

The definition of the circle is “locus of the any point which moves in the plane such that its distance from the fixed point is always remains constant”.

Circle definition in another form is “if we join all the points in a plane such that distance from the fixed point should be the same”.

Real life examples of circle:

Bangles, bicycle wheel and so on.

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