What is area definition in mathematics?

The word “Area” will be used regularly in mathematics. What does it mean? What is area definition? What are the applications of an area? Is there any real life applications? Yes if we want to buy land first we will enquire about its area only.

area definition in mathematics

In areas and perimeter chapter we will be learning about areas and its formulas. In this chapter, we will be finding the area of a triangle, area of rectangle, area of trapezium, area of parallelogram, area of square and so on by using formulas. Here the point is we will be not knowing area meaning and it definition but we will find all shapes areas. So at least now let us study and learn the area definition.

We can explain the area definition as given below:

Area definition can be given as “the space occupied by an object or a shape is called the area”. The unit of area is square units.

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